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About Us

Founded in 2019 in Auckland, husband and wife duo were due to be first time parents. Without forgoing some of the things we liked, we did some market research and looked into sunglasses  and what was available for price, quality and accessibility. Paying upwards of $150 for a decent well constructed pair of polarised eyewear was the norm, and something that we knew would be a luxury very few people could maintain. Hence our first born Caperr {cay-per} Eyewear.

Caperr is a brand that is about looking good and feeling confident at an affordable price without compromise of workmanship, quality and durability.

Fast becoming a well known brand with fresh style in designer, unisex sunglasses. We are passionate about what you wear on your face, so we offer a selection of hand-picked premium frames. We aim to be minimalists and carefully craft easy to wear styles at affordable prices.

We believe that having a good pair of sunglasses is key to your confidence, as well as having a few back up pairs for special occasions or just to mix it up. Can you even have too many pairs of eyewear? We don't think so!


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