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Invest In Your Eyes

Why wear polarised sunglasses


How many of us take seeing for granted? I know that I do.
It is like that age old saying when you get sick with a one blocked nostril that you always remember the times you could breathe through both and you didn't appreciate it enough-ha!

Anyway, back to the chat.
You are born with one set of eyes, and once you ruin 'em, you really have ruined them. You can't grow a new pair, and very rarely can your sight be restored back to what it was before said ruining. 

At Caperr, we have done testing of various lenses, and didn't settle until we found the best. The best polarised lenses we could find, are in our sunnies. * Note that not all of our sunglasses at this stage are polarised, but we are working towards it. Even our styles that aren't polarised, have some form of UV protection.


Why polarised?


Sunglasses are made to reduce or even eliminate glare, therefore adding a layer of protection to your eyes.  Polarised lenses will give you a heightened protection against the harmful rays that the sun emits. 

The sun emits ultraviolet a, b and c rays, which can cause serious eye injuries such as cataracts, retina damage and inflammation.

When we were testing lenses, one of the biggest places we noticed the difference between polaroid or UV 400 Lenses was at sunset or sunrise with sunstroke while driving. How many times do you flip down your sun visor and readjust the way your sitting and just drive watching that white line carefully? With polarised sunglasses, it makes a huge difference to the way that you see the road. The glare is reduced which makes driving at these times so much safer.

You get one set of eyes in this lifetime, look after them 😎